Ten Pao offers a large selection of power adapters. We are the key OEM supplier for many Asian, European and US multinationals.
Our products in general exceed the international quality and environmental standards.
We are specialized in 5V 1A, 5V 1.5A, 12V 2A , 12v 2.5A and 12V 3.5A power adapters. However our engineering team can design any requirement you might have.
Ten Pao now offers Level VI efficient power adapters. This gives on average an extra 5% efficiency over the old Level V adapters! Ten Pao is the leader for the new industrial standard for power efficiency.

All adapters in the US must have a Level VI efficiency for new designs. The more efficient standard CoC Tier 2 became mandatory in Europe in 2021. We are now a supplier of one of the most efficient and compact power adapters. Let us work together to save this planet by using energy in a more efficient way!